Jessi (guitar)

Micha (vocals)

Tom (drums)

Resus (bass)

Put together what belongs together. After the breakup of Treekillaz" and a creative break, the three remaining members Jessi, Tom and Resus have decided to continue - under a different name and with singer, shouter and saxophonist Micha from Scream Your Name (SYN) as the new frontman.

So to say, Newkillaz" has formed from the leftovers of the two bands Treekillaz" and SYN - and that's exactly how their songs sound. Rock and punk from Treekillaz" are mixed with metalcore from SYN to end up as rock with metal attitude. Or in other words: groovy heavy parts have entered the union with melodic choruses and headbanging parts. The sound leaves no time for rest.

Newkillaz" have used the pandemic to produce the first EP "Welcome To Yesterday" (release September 16, 2022). Arguably, this is a debut record, but the four guys already have over 1000 concerts in their legs, arms and heads. Energetic and dynamic performances are also pre-programmed.